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Learn kitesurfing safely on Lake Como

If you love sports and adrenaline, kitesurfing is for you. Our basic kitesurfing course is six hours long, and we will guide you step by step in learning basic techniques so you can have fun safely and effectively!

The program

Step 1 - 1h 30m

We will explain how the kite works, how to read the wind and the rules of sailing. After that, we will move on to equipment preparation: we will explain how to prepare the kite, the bar, and safety equipment (the leash, helmet, and life vest).

Step 2 - 1h 30m

We will teach you how to handle the kite: how to get it off the ground and land, how to control its direction and speed, and how to recover it in case of problems.

Fase 3 - 3h

In the last phase we will explain how to do Body Drag, a maneuver that will help you understand the feel of sailing, and then the first starts with the board. We warn you though: you will become addicted!

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Basic Kitesurf Course

Monday to Friday
Possibilità di pernottamento vicino allo spot a partire da €50 a notte.
€ 350 € 290

Basic Kitesurf Course

Saturdays and Sundays
Possibilità di pernottamento vicino allo spot a partire da €50 a notte.
€ 380 € 350

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The school

We can't wait for you to discover our new center! We are located in Dervio, on Lake Como, at 42 Via Enrico Fermi.


Kitesurfing is a sport for everyone: boys, girls, youth and adults! Thanks to the evolution of safety systems, now the age range of those who can kitesurf has expanded greatly: from 12 to 75 years old!

The most important requirement for kitesurfing is not being afraid of the water and being able to swim. You do not need to be in exceptional shape-it: kitesurfing is less strenuous than you might think!

Thanks to the evolution of equipment, and safety systems, kitesurfing is no longer an extreme sport. The sport can only and exclusively become dangerous if it is practiced without knowing what you are doing.

Yes, it is possible to take the course together with other people. Contact us to define the arrangements!

ASD Watersports Center Dervio Como Lake

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